Logos & Identity

A variety of brand identity design that includes logo systems, logo updates, and brand identity materials.

Brand identity for Under The Radar, an online podcast that is expanding into a full-fledged media company. They needed a flexible identity system that would allow for each of their sub-brands to have their own logo, but still have a visual relationship to the parent brand.

Logo update for The Teapot Shoppe. Their previous logo is shown on the bottom left. I updated the teapot illustration and presented a few options with simpler design concepts. I also provided a couple versions that incorporated a typeface that more closely matched the line quality of the teapot illustration, but they ultimately chose to remain with the original typeface. 

Brand identity for The Space, a Goodwill Industries program and safe space for the LGBTQ youth community in Appleton, Wis.

The Law Office of David D. Moore specifically requested that their iconic local courthouse be a part of their logo. First, I created a detailed illustration of the courthouse from the photograph shown above, just in case they wanted a vector version of the building, and then simplified the illustration for optimal reproduction in the form of a logo. 

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