One of my graphic design students laid out the interior of this almost 400-page book as an internship over the course of her senior year. I worked with her on the project as a supervisor and mentor, and I designed the cover because it ended up not being as straight-forward as originally expected.

The cover image is an original acrylic painting titled Lincoln Cheesehead by David Hipwell, an artist in Oconto, Wisconsin. In order to get it to fit the width of the front and back cover, just the background of the painting needed to be extended. With Hipwell's permission, I used digital painting techniques in Procreate to mimic the existing pattern and texture to expand the width of the background so it would fit the book cover dimensions. 
A mockup of the book cover.
The final spread of the cover.
The original acrylic painting by David Hipwell.
A timelapse of the digital painting process in Procreate. There was a lot of exploration with different brush strokes, colors, and textures.
The final cover layout in InDesign.
Author Steve Rogstad surrounded by his book.
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