Assorted Design Work

Miscellaneous (but not un-important) design projects

Trade show booth design
Package design for single-use eyewear for medical and dental environments
Photos by Image Studios, Appleton, WI.
Interactive PDF invitation includes a form to be sent via email and responded to via email. Eliminated need to print and mail invites and RSVPs.
Concept is based on the assertion that audible sound has visual form. Nine basic tap dance sounds were recorded and symbol matrices were developed for each tap sound. Research participants were asked to choose which symbol most closely resembled each tap sound they listened to. A symbol set was determined from the results and used as the basis for the interactive rhythm poster design. People who interact with the poster are able to click on a series of sound buttons to play recordings of tap choreography that use the nine basic tap dance sounds. As the sounds play the user hears the rhythm, and can follow along visually to see it play out as well.
CD design style inspired by modern graphic designer Alvin Lustig
Book cover design concept
Exploration of forms created by the rotation and repetition of a limited number of shapes and colors
Pattern exploration
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